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Latest Amazon Web Services (AWS) virtual machine identifier

Older Amazon Web Services (AWS) virtual machine identifiers

NOTE: QIIME AMIs can be found by searching Community AMIs from the AWS console. You must be in the US East region when logged into the AWS console.

NOTE: Our AWS virtual machine identifiers (AMIs) changed on 5 January 2015, but no changes were made to the underlying machine images. The changes to the AMIs were necessary to move the virtual machine images to a different AWS account. The former AMIs are listed above for reference.

Latest QIIME Virtual Box image

Older QIIME Virtual Box images


Download mock community datasets from mockrobiota

Several of our benchmarking studies make use of mock communities (artifical communities constructed by pooling isolated microorganisms together in known abundances). These studies include Bokulich et al., 2013, Caporaso et al., 2011, and Bokulich et al., 2015 (pre-print). The data used in these studies can be downloaded from mockrobiota, a resource compiling mock microbiome data sets (Bokulich et al., (2016)).