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Upgrading to the latest version of QIIME

This page describes various ways to upgrade your QIIME installation to a new version. For a description of the changes between versions, see the QIIME ChangeLog.

If you’re using a QIIME virtual machine

If you run QIIME from within a virtual machine, you can either download the latest QIIME image or upgrade an existing one (e.g. to keep your settings, files, etc.) by following the QIIME Virtual Box install instructions.

If you run QIIME using the AWS EC2 service, visit this page for the latest QIIME AMI.

If you’re using MacQIIME

See the backup/install instructions on the MacQIIME website.

If you’ve done a QIIME native minimal (base) install


pip install --upgrade qiime

If you’ve done a QIIME native full install

First, upgrade the base install of QIIME with:

pip install --upgrade qiime

Then, you’ll want to review the dependencies listed in the QIIME full install instructions, and add or upgrade any packages whose dependency versions have changed. If you have QIIME installed on a Linux machine, the easiest way to upgrade is by using the qiime-deploy tool. The qiime-deploy website has instructions for how to upgrade an existing installation.