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This script takes a tree and a list of OTU IDs (in one of several supported formats) and outputs a subtree retaining only the tips on the tree which are found in the inputted list of OTUs (or not found, if the –negate option is provided).

Usage: [options]

Input Arguments:



-i, --input_tree_filepath
Input tree filepath
-o, --output_tree_filepath
Output tree filepath


-n, --negate
If negate is True will remove input tips/seqs, if negate is False, will retain input tips/seqs [default: False]
-t, --tips_fp
A list of tips (one tip per line) or sequence identifiers (tab-delimited lines with a seq identifier in the first field) which should be retained [default: None]
-f, --fasta_fp
A fasta file where the seq ids should be retained [default: None]


Output is a pruned tree in newick format.

Prune a tree to include only the tips in tips_to_keep.txt: -i rep_seqs.tre -t tips_to_keep.txt -o pruned.tre

Prune a tree to remove the tips in tips_to_remove.txt. Note that the -n/–negate option must be passed for this functionality: -i rep_seqs.tre -t tips_to_keep.txt -o negated.tre -n

Prune a tree to include only the tips found in the fasta file provided: -i rep_seqs.tre -f fast_f.fna -o pruned_fast.tre

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