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This is a script which will add headers and footers to new python files and make them executable.

Usage: [options]

Input Arguments:



-o, --output_fp
The output filepath


-s, --script
Pass if creating a script to include option parsing framework [default:False].
-t, --test
Pass if creating a unit test file to include relevant information [default:False].
-a, --author_name
The script author’s (probably you) name to be included the header variables. This will typically need to be enclosed in quotes to handle spaces. [default:AUTHOR_NAME]
-e, --author_email
The script author’s (probably you) e-mail address to be included the header variables. [default:AUTHOR_EMAIL]
-c, --copyright
The copyright information to be included in the header variables. [default:Copyright 2014, The QIIME Project]


The results of this script is either a python script, test, or library file, depending on the input parameters.

Example usage:

Create a new script: -s -a "Greg Caporaso" -e -o

Create a new test file: -t -a "Greg Caporaso" -e -o

Create a basic file (e.g., for library code): -a "Greg Caporaso" -e -o

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