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Script for polling parallel runs to check completion.

Usage: [options]

Input Arguments:



-f, --check_run_complete_file
Path to file containing a list of files that must exist to declare a run complete [REQUIRED]


-r, --check_run_complete_f
Function which returns True when run is completed [default: qiime.parallel.poller.basic_check_run_complete_f]
-p, --process_run_results_f
Function to be called when runs complete [default: qiime.parallel.poller.basic_process_run_results_f]
-m, --process_run_results_file
Path to file containing a map of tmp filepaths which should be written to final output filepaths [default: None]
-c, --clean_up_f
Function called after processing result [default: qiime.parallel.poller.basic_clean_up_f]
-d, --clean_up_file
List of files and directories to remove after run [default: None]
-t, --time_to_sleep
Time to wait between calls to status_callback_f (in seconds) [default: 3]


No output created.

Poller example:

Runs the poller, which checks for the existence of two input files (file1.txt and file2.txt) and merges their contents. A cleanup file is provided that instructs the poller to remove the newly merged file. -f run_complete.txt -m poller_test_completed.txt -d clean_up.txt