News and Announcements » – Starts parallel jobs on Sun GridEngine queueing systems.


Starts multiple jobs in parallel on Sun GridEngine systems. This is designed to work with StarCluster EC2 instances, but may be applicable beyond there.

Usage: [options]

Input Arguments:



-m, --make_jobs
Make the job files [default: None]
-s, --submit_jobs
Submit the job files [default: None]
-q, --queue_name
The queue to submit jobs to [default: all.q]


No output is created.

Job submission example:

Start each command listed in test_jobs.txt in parallel. The run ID for these jobs will be RUNID. -ms test_jobs.txt RUNID

Queue specification example:

Submit the commands listed in test_jobs.txt to the specified queue. -ms test_jobs.txt -q all.q RUNID